Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Friend Who Sticks By Me

On Monday I made a visit to the doctor and was sent to have a sonogram procedure done "Stat" to rule out the need for emergency surgery on my right leg. I've been in pain and somewhat immobilized for most of last week through today. I will be looking into a couple of different medical procedures tomorrow. Perhaps I'll say more on that in the coming days.

For now I wanted to post a picture of a friend (above) who has kept me company while I've had my leg elevated on the couch. Shen is a wonderful little critter with a tremendous sense of humor and a warm affectionate heart. I can always count on him to stick by me when times are tough.

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Stephany said...

I hope it all goes well, thank goodness for pets!

Mark Krusen said...

Pets are awesome.I think they can sense when you need some love and affection.Good luck with your leg.

Stan said...

Dear Pete:

Hope your doing OK, and that possible clot doesn't go directly to your brain; or you could become Mr. Krusen or worse yet; a women {Laughing}.

I can feel the hate mail streaming at me now like a cat 5 hurricane {Smirk}. That's OK, what's it they say? "if they can't take a joke, ______" or something to that effect.

Take good care of yourself and be well.

You're Bloggery Pal,

preciousrock said...

Pets are the best! They love us and stick by us when no one else does. Hope all goes well with your leg.

Betsy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your leg, good luck with the procedure. Our cat senses when we are not feeling well. It is amazing these creatures can help us in such a simple way. You'll be in my prayers.

susan said...

Shen cat is most beautiful and a worth beau for Miss Holly as you surmised.

Shen, please take good care of your human. He's not too shabby for a human, you know?

Anonymous said...

Take care,
I hope your cate lies by your side and purrs.

Anonymous Drifter said...

Good luck with the leg.

Ruth Z Deming said...

jeez! good luck with your leg, pete. did i hear the word blood clot? hope you have a fine doctor. sounds like the cat is just what the doctor ordered.

The Addict said...

I just posted a picture of my precious loved one who gives me hugs a plenty. I had an aunt-in-law who has had high blood pressure for 20 years that the doctors had tried everything. They had her on 3 different HBP meds at one time. She got a dog and now she doesn't event have HBP and doesn't take any meds. The wonders these little creatures can bring to us. Good luck with your leg.

The Addict

susan said...


No blogging in a bit? Hope you are well, and give us another cat picture!

How is my Holly supposed to have a romance with Shen if she has no pictures to gaze apon when she is awake?

Blogger with Ocd said...

Haha, I've never heard a cat described as having a sense of humor! Hang in there.