Monday, November 2, 2009

…and they flew.


Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them...and they flew.

-- Guillaume Apollinaire

Maurice Vlaminck, Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire (1903)


Stephany said...

Hi Pete,

Hope all is OK.

Stan said...

Hey Pete:

Rumors are flying about the blog world related to your permanent demise which could use a bit of clarification.

If your out there hiding in obscurity still breathing, let us know your OK or something related.

If you have decided to say goodbye, I send my prayers, condolences, and best wishes along to you at this time.

Pyrs said...

I am alive. Sorry for the rumors. I am in the midst of selling my house, which must happen very very soon for financial reasons. Money is tight and I am still not employed. And for personal reasons I've withdrawn from blogging and facebook entirely, for now.

Thank you for your concern. And I apologize for neglecting my blogging friends.

Bye for now.


Stephany said...

Hi Pete!

I wish you good luck with the house and finances, I can relate!

Thanks for checking in here, it is a relief to know you're alright, and hope to see you back some time when things aren't so difficult.


Stan said...

Jeez, that read like a political resignation speech after some New Jersey highly elected official has been caught on tape with a bunch of midget transvestite

Good luck with the move and job hunt Pete. Just remember, that if life were fair or easy, everyone would be doing it.