Monday, February 16, 2009

What if you have nothing to say?

Writers block.

Brain fog.

Silence except for Tinnitus.

Mind-numbingly mellow.

Can't put my thoughts together.

Be back soon.
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Gianna said...

It's okay if you have nothing to say...I promise it will pass.

Also roaming around and reading other stuff gets the juices flowing. But sometimes I think we simply need to be in stasis.

susan said...

It's ok, you will write when you want to write.

Meanwhile, is Shen meowing for his Holly cat?

Stephany said...

How was the drive home from your parents? when I drive I think a lot, what did you think about?

susan said...

More kitty pictures.

More kitty pictures.

More kitty pictures.

-Holly the cat.

Stan said...

Dear Pete:

Hey, you’re new at this Bloggery world; so give yourself a break today, get up and get away to some place other than Mickey-D's {Smirk}.

OK, just my experience! Not to be taken as advice or a sermon this time around. I remember a time not so long ago, that I actually forced myself to write every day. Now you would think that isn't so bad. But there were days it was with it out doubt a grueling practice. Yet as time passed by, the words and page slowly became my friend. Before I knew it, and within months I didn't feel quite right without checking in with this intimate friend each and every day. Thousands upon thousands of pages later I could finally and actually start to get a true reflection of this self staring back at me from those pages. It became at the time one of my few comforts.

I don't write with that much fortitude and discipline today. I blog as the desire washes over me. But more importantly I took those words from all those countless pages and used them to live life in this moment and day. So now it about living life fully first and foremost; which is is really all about fulfilling the promise from the words I had written myself. Everything we do over time reflects upon who we are, and as we know ourselves the gateway to the world is also revealed. So don't put any undue pressure upon yourself. Just put this experiment on cruise control and let it happen as you heal thy self, and in so doing so, healing the world around you.

That was a stumbling blather of my two cents worth I'm sure! But then I'm not running the government stimulus plan either {Laughing}. If you want answers about that, I refer you to that Puppet bloviate U.G.L.Y. President Mr. Krusen, and his wooden nickel's worth of platitudes. {Laughing}

You're bloggery Pal,

Pyrs said...

@Stan -

Thanks Stan. That was not stumbling blather in the least. Very thoughtful and helpful words to ponder as I begin this leg of my journey. And they are very much appreciated, I assure you. You never sound preachy. I am thankful that you are willing to share such thoughts with me when you feel inspired to do so.

Also, I always have a lot of fun with you and Mark K. when we get on one of our tyrades. And its even more fun when the ladies get in the mix too. Stephany, Ana, Susan... sometimes even Natural girl... and others I've yet to meet formally. I know some blogs have a reputation to keep, as serious mental health advocacy blogs, and I respect that. But I'm glad there is still a place at times to play and have fun with each other. Because the news headlines and personal stories that appear on our blogs can really begin to eat at the soul without a break for recess.

So God bless you for sharing your two cents from time to time,


Pyrs said...

@Gianna - Thanks for letting me know its ok to sit still for a while. And the encouragement that it will pass.

@Susan & Holly cat - I will have to send Holly a few more pictures and another "meeeooow" track from Shen cat & Michael cat. They talk about her a lot, and sometimes get into fights over her.

@Stephany - I will be thinking about your question. There is probably some material there I can pull from, assuming it hasn't leaked out of my brain by now. I will try to be more conscious of my thoughts during my drives to and from on coming weekends. I'm usually obsessing about something!

Mark Krusen said...

That never stopped me. I'll ramble on just about anything. I got that from Stan.

Ana said...

Tinnitus... it sucks.
I'm not understanding Stan.
Mark is right when he said that he is looking too normal lately.
It will go away.
I'm online because I'm not that great.
Meeow for Shen.
Nell is sending bark bark...

Ana said...

PS: Isn't Susan new Avatar amazing?

susan said...


It actually looks like my first baby cat- and that could pass for me if my hair was darker.

I am actually debating to dye it either red or put in pink highlights.

Pyrs said...

@Anna - Yes, Susan avitar is quite sexy. And also, did you notice how similar it is to Gianna's?!

Pyrs said...

@Susan - Forest green highlights would be pretty cool I think... sented with pine. Then you could sort of be a dryad.

Gianna said...

ha! I hadn't noticed that...but you're right...except when I saw the comment about the avatar being sexy, I thought, huh???

Susan's version is sexy...mine is white toast.

Mark Krusen said...

It's not ok any more. It's time for you to get the fingers moving over the keyboard and spit out some rambling nonsensical rant.

Then we can start calling you Stan.
Just checking in to see how your doing. Keep in touch.

susan said...


I think the cats ate him.