Thursday, April 2, 2009

Until further notice...

I will not be blogging. If I don't post anything within a month I will simply take it all down.


susan said...


come back Pete!!!!!!

Come back kitties!

Come back nom- noms!

Miss you!

Stephany said...

Pete thanks for the support about my daughter it was good to see you back.

Gianna said...

Pete my best to you,
you know how to contact me if you'd like to and please don't hesitate if you'd like to.


Mark Krusen said...

You can't stop blogging. I'd have to change my blogroll. Just Kidding!! I hope you work through whats going on. I can relate to wanting to stop blogging. I've thought of stopping myself. I hope you don't stop, if you
need to talk just give me a holler.

Betsy said...

I'm sorry you have to stop posting. Please keep in touch...we all need to connect, espcially with people who care. You will be in my prayers. Call if you need to hear a voice.


Pyrs said...

Thank you. I appreciate you words, thoughts, hugs, and prayers. I'm hoping I will be able to start back slowly. We'll see.