Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember dial-up connections?

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I am sorry I've been so quiet the last two days. I am up at my parent's place with my daughter. The only internet connection I have up here is an old-fashioned dial-up that is so slow it makes browsing almost as much fun as watching paint dry. So I am going to post just a short note to say that I have not forgotten about this blog nor the great friends I've been making here!

Perhaps I will be able to get to the tiny public library about two blocks away where they have a broadband connection. But weekends are a busy time for me.

Usually on Fridays I travel 2 hours from my home in NJ to my parent's retirement community in PA. I help my dad with my mom. But most importantly weekends are the days I get to spend with my daughter. I share joint custody with her mom, and I am happy to be able to spend as much time with her as I do. On Sunday evening its back to NJ so my daughter can get to bed on time and up for school the next morning. Often she reads or draws in the car, and we also listen to book tapes or audio dramas. No TV or video games in my automobile!

My 2 cats, Michael and Shen, make the trip with us every time. They have racked up thousands of turnpike miles and are fairly good sports about it. I don't even need to use pet carriers. They sleep most of the trip. Shen, the younger of the two barely moves from the spot he first settles into. Michael on the other hand almost always ends up switching between the front and back seat once or twice. And sometimes he rest on the rear dash and looks out the back window like a bobblehead cat.

I'll pop in if I can, but more than likely you won't hear much from me until Monday.

Love and kindess everyone. Pay it forward.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
Spend that time with your daughter and parents. That is fine. They don't want to see the back of your head because you are on the computer.

Ana said...

Hi Peter,
I see you at Stephany's from time to time.
You are a great daddy and I'm sure your daughter gives you back all the love you're giving her.
Dial-up connection!
I remember the sound quite clearly.
Happy Valentine's day!

susan said...

Oh I am sorry. Peter- meet Ana, the Brazilian Bombshell.

Ana, meet Peter , another New Jersey Boy. But don't hold that against him, LOL!

Pyrs said...

@naturalgal - Thanks for visiting, and helping me feel better about being away from things for several days.
I've seen you at some of the other blogs. See you around in the blogs I hope. I now added you to my list so I will visit your blog soon and say hello. I'll stop and say hi to you at 'Naturalgal's Weblog".

@Ana - Yes, I've seen you at those other blogs too. I have you in my blog roll. I've found a little interconnected family here, and you are one of them. And from Rio de Janeiro! You can't be "just" Ana if you are from Rio! with your Portuguese accented English, and according to Susan a bombshell to boot! Now the song, "Girl from Ipanema" will be going around in my head. See you around the blogs. I'll say hi once in a while.

@Susan - Yeah. You know us Jersey boys. We get no respect. But even more outrageous are those Jersey girls... right Susan!?

D Bunker said...

Cheers Pete!

With apologies to Natural Gal (just 'cause I haven't read you yet, I'll get there) IF, ..... you're going to hang with Ana and Susan, watch yourself.

Between them there's more IQ points than your average 12 member Town Council.

Ana said...

The accent is not a problem. The written grammar errors is the big issue.
Sometimes I read something I wrote - don't like it too much - and I correct.
But there are plenty that are pure ignorance. lol
I'll ask Susan about New Jersey boys.
Naturalgal already knows about me and Susan being this way.
Have a nice week!

Pyrs said...

DBunker - Hello! I've seen you around the area. I just added your blog feed to my little block ticker that goes across at the bottom of my Firefox browser. I'll be in touch I'm sure.

andrew said...

Hello Peter,
Thanks for visiting.
Your circumstances sound familiar. With a PhD, I was working as a post doctoral research fellow but crashed and burned and now I am unable to work.
Strangely one of the things that makes me feel better now is fully accepting the depression and letting it define me.
Of course this means I run the risk of being taken to a very dark place with it.
All the best,

Mark Krusen said...


Your weekend sounded great. Not get your butt in gear and post something profound and uplifting.