Friday, February 6, 2009

Too much to write about... I am leaving this post to say, I'm writing right now. Trying to organize my thoughts because its all just swirling around up there as usual. But its all good today for a change. I'm taking the steps, but there are people at my new support group and in this blogosphere that are pretty darn wonderful!
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susan said...

Peter, make sure the cats help you too.

Glad you are happy. Writing is good.

Makinamotze said...

Glad that you are finding Value at New Dirrections

I'm Makinamotze

Betsy said...

So glad you are finding ND helpful; I do also. You will also find you will help others in return. Your cat, Shen, looks just like my Sandi, very unusual color. I envy your writing and computer skills....keep up and I'll keep reading. Have a great week!

Pyrs said...

@Betsy - Thanks Betsy for stopping by! And also for the compliment. Those are always welcome... sort of like air, water, and food to me. I'll try to keep writing. Can't seem to force myself to do it every day yet. Though I am visiting other blogs and posting comments. I've been learning a lot about depression et al.
See you at ND.