Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing in Hindi by mistake...

Now that was weird! I was transliterating my english into Hindi. I must have been falling back into my past life as Gandhi. I know. I know. Obviously, I've regressed BIG time! (i.e. as Peter since being Gandhi)

Actually, what happened was I screwed up my blog settings, but things seem to be ok now... with my blog settings that is.

What I was trying to write was "Ok, I lied..." I haven't been writing, and will probably not write anything today. Instead I've been having a pretty good jaunt around blogland. I just left Am I Still Ill? a blog by Zoe, which everyone probably already knows about but me. But if you want something to lift your spirits, I suggest going there immediately. I could barely keep up with her humorous wit. It made me smile... a lot. She's a very talented writer.

Take a look if you haven't already.
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Mark Krusen said...

That's my Dad's name too. Thanks for stopping by. I like your cats.

Merelyme said...

Hello...just browsing new blogs this evening...found yours through stepahny. I am very interested in what you write....I suffer from depression and I am probably on the bipolar spectrum somewhere.

anyways...nice to meet you!

Makinamotze said...

Ah Mahatma! Perhaps in your next life, you'll come back as a psychiatrist with the answer to Bi Polar disorder and absolve everyone's mother for causing this tragic curse/blessing.

I'm Makinamotze

Stephany said...

Just checking to see how things are going!

Pyrs said...

@Stephany - Thanks. I hope to get to know you and this family of bloggers better in the weeks ahead. It has helped me already to interact and read what everyone is writing.

Pyrs said...


This is all so new to me I am never sure whether to write an email or post a comment in response. But since I'm one of the new blogs, I don't want to post a response comment that might not get read. So for the time being I am doing both.

I appreciate you taking the time to read some of my first posts. I've been perusing your blog and also added a comment in response to your piece on anti-depressants and weight gain. Boy, I experienced that. I never thought I would have 30 or 40 lbs I could lose, but I do. And it makes me feel strange when I move around because I spent most of my life not being this way. So I found that article extremely appropriate for where I currently am.

You certainly have a nice blog. I follow your feed.

Pete (Pyrs)